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Everyday, we are inspired by mums and babies. We listen to parents' expectations and are guided by babies' needs. Humana is moved by the latest insights from nature and science to offer nutrition that supports babies' and toddlers' growth path - with more than 65 years of experience.

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Every great story needs a hero – for us this is our founder.

In 1950, the foundation for the success of our brand was laid. Dr. Heinz Lemke was a pediatrician in Herford (Germany) and he had the simple yet brilliant idea to develop the first adapted infant milk in Germany – one of many milestones in our history.

Since then, naturalness, expertise and trustworthiness are the core values that have brought us to every new milestone. From infant milk formula, specialty milk, baby food in jars, cereals, milk minis, pouches, teas and food supplements for babies and nursing mothers – families worldwide trust in Humana.

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Naturalness, expertise and trustworthiness
for more than 70 years

For us, Humana is more than just a name – it is a promise. Everything we do revolves around the human being and his development. Based on the unity of nature & science, we offer high quality nutrition that is sensitively matched to each specific age of your little one. By taking the best of nature and looking at scientific research we understand the complex processes within the child's organism. With this knowledge we’ve been supporting babies’ and toddlers’ natural growth path for more than 70 years with controlled and certified quality in Germany. Throughout this time we have always followed our three core values: naturalness, expertise and trustworthiness.

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For us, nature is the key to everything. If you give your baby the time to develop their natural, optimal potential, you are doing everything right. There is no schedule, no daily development programme your baby has to abide by. Just have confidence in yourself and your child that the next step will come when the time is right.

Naturalness means to take the best what nature gives us and carefully select our raw materials. We use, for example, only organically cultivated fruits and vegetables for our jars of baby food. For our milk, we are supplied exclusively by our farmers, who feed their animals solely with GMO-free plant fodder.


We know there is nothing better for your baby than breastfeeding — nevertheless, sometimes it is simply not possible. However, infant nutrition is very complex and it is vital you choose an alternative you can trust. Humana is at your side when it comes to mastering everyday life.

With over 70 years of experience in producing a wide range of baby nutrition for differing needs, it is no wonder Humana is often recommended by doctors and midwives. We continue to advance based on the latest insights from both nature and science. So you can be confident that when you feed your baby Humana, you are supporting them with everything they need for their optimal development.

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The result of naturalness and expertise is trustworthiness: it is our brand promise that we will always be there for mothers and their babies – and both can rely 100% on the safety of our products.

Meet the people behind Humana

Get to know the moms and dads behind Humana and read more about what drives us every day to produce your baby's high quality nutrition.

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