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Wow, I'm going to be a dad!

Becoming a dad is one of the greatest experiences you can have in life. Nevertheless, it also raises many questions. How does pregnancy work? Will our love and partnership be the same? What do I do when the baby is here? Don't worry: nature has provided you with good intuition to master all these challenges. And we also have a few tips and some advice that will help you live up to your new role as a father.

Pregnant Woman

She’s pregnant! What now?

For some it’s pure joy, for others a little surprise — but one thing is for sure, nothing will ever be the same again. When your wife or girlfriend tells you that she’s pregnant, a whole new phase in life begins for both of you.

How to master the first trimester

As soon as you have your positive pregnancy test, the adventure begins: making plans for the future, visits to the gynaecologist, clinical check-ups, the first ultrasound scan — your schedule is already influenced by your unborn child. It’s a time when couples are welded together, but can also be stressed. In any case, you need a lot of love and understanding for each other.

I was utterly overjoyed. We had both wanted a child for a long time. Nevertheless, we also asked ourselves: are we really ready for this?

Pregnant woman with ultrasound photos

Prenatal check-ups & ultrasound pictures

The first check-ups with the gynaecologist usually start at the end of the third month of pregnancy — and often that is when the first ultrasound is due. As a father, you shouldn't miss this exciting experience — because nothing opens your eyes better to the fact that there really is something special growing in your partner's belly than this first picture of your child.

Additional prenatal diagnostics

Fortunately, most children are born healthy — nevertheless, as parents you always want to be as sure as possible that everything really is fine. If normal check-ups are not enough for you, you can ask for additional prenatal diagnostics. These can sometimes help identify serious illnesses or disabilities in your child early on. However, always seek advice from your doctor about the benefits and risks of such examinations.  Please be aware prenatal diagnostics cannot guarantee a healthy child.

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Getting ready
On your marks. Get set. Birth!

Do you want to be there when your baby is born? Great! In that case you should prepare yourself as well as possible for the big event. Because one thing is certain: you will only be a real support to your wife and your unborn child if you know which steps to take as soon as labour begins. That is why we want to give you some tips and the confidence you need.

Well-prepared for childbirth

How do I prepare for birth as a dad? What do I do when contractions start? How do I support my wife in the delivery room? All of these questions are answered in birth preparation courses. It is a particularly good idea to undertake this important training if you are a first-time dad.

Breath in, breath out

It is always good for your child if parents work as a team. In the birth preparation course you will receive your initial coaching. Your first lesson: breathing in and out together. The right breathing technique is a powerful tool that can be used to focus the attention and step back from all the stress and labour pains that childbirth brings.

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Contractions? Keep cool, Dad!

Sure, there are exceptions — but when the contractions start, dads often panic more than moms. Just remember the 6 p's, 'proper prior planning prevents poor performance' and take a deep breath.  You can, for example, hang the taxi number on the fridge or pack a clinic bag for yourself in which you have everything a father-to-be needs. Be supportive, the last thing your wife or girlfriend needs now is additional trouble.

happy young father looking with tenderness at his baby

Day zero
Attention: Baby is coming

Seeing the birth of your own child will change you forever. After all, not only is your baby born on this special day, but you have now also become a father. So now is the time to step up to the plate. We have a few tips that can help you do a good job und be a real support to your wife and newborn.

What to consider in the delivery room

It is perfectly understandable if the thought of childbirth makes you a little nervous. But that fathers often faint in the delivery room is an old wives' tale. In fact, the chance that you will actually faint is less than 1%. That aside, the birth is nevertheless somewhat exciting and exhausting. It can take a long time and the delivery room is usually very warm — therefore, you should wear light,  comfortable clothes so that you can stand by (or behind) your wife with a cool, clear head.

The birth was harder than I thought. When it was over, I was allowed to cut the umbilical cord. Then my wife held the baby in her arms and I thought: I have never seen anything so beautiful.

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Dad’s role during childbirth

Accompanying the birth as a dad means, above all, letting things slide. Your primary role is simply to be there. Encourage your wife, soothe her and help her with the breathing techniques that you learned together. What your beloved wants can change from one second to the next. Her mood can turn just as quickly, so don't be surprised if you have to serve as her punching bag so that she can let out her stress.

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