The first year: Lots of first experiences

Your little sunshine has only been in this world a short time. And their development is far from over. A lot of special first-time moments await you, especially in the first year.

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Breastfeeding: The best for your baby

Shortly after birth, your baby already searches for their favourite source of nutrition and with that, breastfeeding begins. As a new mother, you are bound to have a lot of questions about breastfeeding.

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Look what your baby can do!

Your baby's search, sucking and swallowing reflexes function with downright precision right from birth.

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Body processes are set in motion

Hormones for the production and release of milk are triggered via your nervous system.

Development from the
4th month

Your baby is discovering a new toy — their hands. Their movements are becoming more coordinated and they grasp more accurately. You can actively support this development with finger games or action nursery rhymes!

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Your baby is becoming increasingly active

They are repeating their first sounds, they are kicking about energetically and their head is becoming more stable.

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Their little arms are getting stronger, too

They do their first mini press-ups while lying on their tummies.

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The precursors to mobility

Your baby is slowly learning to roll, shuffle around on their tummy, and sit without support.

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Their nutritional needs grow: Ready for their first solids

The physical exertion throughout the day also makes your baby hungrier. During the first 6 months, your baby gets everything they need from breast milk. After the 4th month at the earliest, and by the beginning of the 7th month at the latest, you can gradually begin to introduce solids in addition to their milk. The rise in nutritional needs is also reflected in the fact that many children get their first teeth between the 5th and 6th months. 

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Babbling, crawling and standing!
The developmental spurt between the 7th and 12th month

Your baby perceives the world clearly and accurately

Hand-eye coordination, balance, and comprehension are developing rapidly and your little sweetheart is showing more and more enthusiasm and perseverance while playing with objects.

Say, 'Mommy'!

They start off gurgling and babbling simple sounds. And then from the 10th month some children already surprise their parents with their first 'Mama' or 'Dada'.

Even without words

Little ones also begin to communicate with nonverbal gestures such as nodding or shaking their heads.

Conscious reaction to your words

By their first birthday, children usually react to their own name and a clear 'no'. They also understand a friendly 'wave hello'.

More of your bundle-of-energy's movements

Your little darling should be able to sit without support and has probably gone through all the stages from tummy shuffling to going on all fours through to crawling.


Every child develops at their own pace. Please do not worry too much if the next developmental step takes a bit longer to come.

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