Baby's Best

Important for the well-being of your child.

  • After birth your baby's immune system as well as digestive organs aren't fully developed. That's why it's important to respect some simple guidelines in terms of feeding.
  • About two thirds of a baby's immune system is located in the digestive tract, where millions of "good bacteria" can be found.
  • A baby's immune system is weak in the first few months of life, which makes the baby more vulnerable to food allergies and infections.  
  • It takes at least three years for a baby's immune system to fully develop. That is why a baby's diet must include special immune supporting nutrients, such as Prebiotics. These are found in breast milk as well as in some Infant Milk.
  • The WHO clearly recommends to exclusively breastfeed your baby within the first 6 months. Humana wholeheartedly follows this recommendation. Please talk to your paediatrition or midwife if you want to use an Infant Milk. Humana Infant Milks are an easily digestible alternative to enable you to give your baby everything it needs for a good and healthy start in life.