Quality - 100 % Jars & Pouches

Babies need our best. We give them 100%.

Every child is a miracle of nature. And we from Humana are convinced: To enable natural development for a child it needs nature’s best nutrition. To achieve this quality, we give 100% our best every day.

  • Organic Quality

    For our jars and pouches we use ingredients from organic farming. They have been gently processed to keep them as natural and delicious as possible.


  • Home-made recipes

    Moms inspired us to create recipes that taste exactly like home-made and that are perfectly adapted to each stage of your baby´s life.


  • No added sugar or salt

    There´s only in it what´s really needed. Our jars and pouches already contain natural amounts of sugar or salt - so adding is neither needed nor healthy.

  • Age-adapted textures & ingredients

    Our ingredients are perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of babies - in tune with their age and development stage.


  • Safety

    We can trace back every ingredient from final product to harvest. Plenty of controls ensure the highest organic quality for your litte ones in every single product. 


  • Convenience

    Our products are easy to use and especially our pouches are healthy and delicious snacks for in between - open, squeeze onto a spoon and enjoy.