Quality - Age-adapted Cereals

100% best ingredients – from the first spoon up to toddler age 

We give our best every day to create age-appropriate products for each stage of your baby’s life. We offer a wide range of tasty cereals – satisfying all little tummies and their individual needs.

  • No added sugar & flavours

    Our cereals are yummy by nature and naturally sweet, this supports a pure taste experience. The ingredients already contain naturally occurring sugar - so adding is neither needed nor healthy.

  • High cereal content

    We only use carefully selected and high quality cereals. Many of our recipes contain valuable whole grain.

  • Age-adapted ingredients & textures

    Our ingredients are perfectly tailored to the nutritional needs of babies - in tune with their age and development stage.
  • Controlled quality

    Traceability of our ingredients from harvest to final product and plenty of controls ensure the highest quality for your little one.